colourful paradise (LE)- 10 flowery coral
colourful paradise (LE)- 30 exotic pink


Art Couture Lipstick- 261 Cream Pink Blossom
Perfect Color Lipstick- 54 True Bordeaux 


Color Last VIP- 100 pink kiss
Color Last VIP- 110 pink addiction
Color Last VIP- 133 deluxe pink
Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter- 002 Loved Up (LC)
Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter- 005 Pretty Poppy (LC)
Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter- 008 Hug Me (LC)
Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter- 010 Pink Lady (LC)
Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter- 011 Feeling Feline (LC)
Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Ultra Vibrant Color- 018 Pretty in Fuchsia (LC)
Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Ultra Vibrant Color- 020 Flirt Natural (LC)


Color Touch Lip Biggie- 44 Lucky Pink (LC)
Star Lipstick- 68 Candy Pink
Hydro Star Volume Lipstick- 353 Wishful Rose


Celtica (LE)- C02 Love, Peach & Harmony
Check & Tweed (LE)- C01 Queen's BEAUTea Time
Check & Tweed (LE)- C02 Mind The Red!
Check & Tweed (LE)- C03 Britt Chick
Rock-o-co (LE)- C01 Apricoco
Luminous Lips- 070 What's AP-ricot?
Luminous Lips- 040 Pretty Little Valentine
Pure shine colour lip balm- 010 Rose & Woody (LC)
Pure shine colour lip balm- 020 Rusty In Peace (LC)
Pure shine colour lip balm- 030 Don't Think Just Pink (LC)
Pure shine colour lip balm- 040 My Cherry Berry (LC)
Pure shine colour lip balm- 050 Cherry-ty (LC)
Pure shine colour lip balm- 060 Go Flamingo Go! (LC)
Pure shine colour lip balm- 070 I Don't Red It (LC)
ultimate colour- 020 Maroon
ultimate colour- 030 Ginger & Fred
ultimate colour- 050 Princess Peach
ultimate colour- 210 Pinkadilly Circus
ultimate colour- 250 Matt About Pink
ultimate colour- 290 Sweet Coraline
ultimate colour- 320 Kiss Kiss Hibiscus
ultimate colour- 350 MATTador
ultimate colour- 370 In A Rosegarden
ultimate shine- 060 Teddy Brown
ultimate shine- 090 Fox Nox
ultimate shine- 200 Get The Nudes Paper!
ultimate shine- 250 Yes, We Can-dy!
ultimate shine- 260 Berry Delicious
ultimate shine- 270 What's AP-ricot?
ultimate shine- 280 Toffee To Go
ultimate shine- 290 Chestnut Tree
ultimate shine- 300 Pink A Berry
ultimate shine gel colour- 010 Love's Di-wine
ultimate shine gel colour- 020 Red or Bad
ultimate shine gel colour- 040 Don't Fear The Sheer
ultimate shine gel colour- 050 Upside Brown
ultimate shine gel colour- 060 Don't Pink And Drive
ultimate shine gel colour- 070 License To Pink
ultimate shine gel colour- 080 Russian Violette
ultimate shine gel colour- 090 Better Than Nude
ultimate shine gel colour- 100 Sweet Macaron
ultimate stay- 060 Floral Coral


chubby stick- 11 two ton tomato (LC)


18 Flower Bouquet

Deborah Milano

Rosetto Atomic Red Mat- 06 Mat first kiss
Rosetto Milano Red- 2 beige trench coat
Rosetto Milano Red- 10 pink baby doll ?


Come to Town (TE)- 01 is that you, Santa?
Happy holidays (TE)- 02 sugar plum fairy
Wave goddess (TE)- 01 loose your heart on the board
Wave goddess (TE)- 02 life is better when you surf
lipstick- 53 all about cupcake
longlasting lipstick- 02 Porcelain Doll
longlasting lipstick- 03 come naturally
longlasting lipstick- 05 cool nude
longlasting lipstick- 05 dare to be nude
longlasting lipstick- 09 wear berries!


matte lip pen- peace & harmony (LC)
lip pen- nude (LC)
lip pen- baby pink (LC)
lip pen- coral (LC) 


perfect matt lipstick- 03 red carpet 

IQ cosmetics

Nudes- 26 Old Rose


1 nude
2 berry
4 caramel


Irresistable Glam (LE)- 30 Tender Taupe

L'Oréal Paris

Glam Shine- 909 Mad for Pomegranate (LC)
Glam Shine- 915 Die for Guava (LC)


color kiss- 12 coral kiss (LC)
color kiss- 33 berry kiss (LC)
color kiss- 45 rosy kiss (LC)
color kiss- 67 nude kiss (LC)


Lipstick- Shade 5
Matte- Peachy Keen
Power Pout- Justify (LC)
Power Pout- Runway (LC)
Power Pout- Broken Hearted (LC)
Power Pout- Irreplaceable (LC)
Power Pout- Crazy in Love (LC)
Power Pout- Rendezvous (LC)


Black Label Lipstick- BLL 187 Mink
Matte Lipstick- MLS 03 Hippie Chic
Matte Lipstick- MLS 09 Natural
Matte Lipstick- MLS 13 Angel
Matte Lipstick- MLS 15 Whipped Caviar
Matte Lipstick- MLS 20 Audrey
Matte Lipstick- MLS 22 Strawberry Daiquiri
Round Lipstick- LSS 550 Indian Pink
Round Lipstick- LSS 565 B52
Round Lipstick- LSS 598 Christie
Round Lipstick- LSS 621 Milan
Round Lipstick- LSS 628 Tea Rose
Round Lipstick- LSS 630 Pumpkin Pie
Round Lipstick- LSS 635 Doll
Round Lipstick- LSS 640 Fig


Color & Care Lipstick- 01 Honey Kiss (LC)
Color & Care Lipstick- 02 Soft Flamingo (LC)
Color & Care Lipstick- 04 Soft Toffee (LC)


Catch the Glow (LE)- 010 summer gale (LC)
Catch the Glow (LE)- 020 coast to coast (LC)
high intense maxi lipstick- 010 lovely rosewood (LC)
high intense maxi lipstick- 040 sweet rose (LC)
pure color lipstick- 012 Kärntnerstrasse
pure color lipstick- 043 Pont Neuf
pure color lipstick- 059 Copacabana
pure color lipstick- 170 Brooklyn Bridge
secret gloss lipstick- 030 secret sensation
secret gloss lipstick- 040 secret affair
secret gloss lipstick- 060 secret lover
sheer glam lipstick- 006 friends forever
sheer glam lipstick- 014 The Wedding Planner
sheer glam lipstick- 015 P.S. I love you
sheer glam lipstick- 071 Mona Lisa Smile


Moisture Renew Lipstick- 130 Oxford Street Fuchsia

LC= Lip Crayon
LE= Limited Edition
TE= Trend Edition